Monday, October 08, 2012

Which one would you pick?

Thanks to my cousin Laurel and her amazing company, Eriksen Web Design, this blog is soon going to get a makeover.

And thanks to the gifted Schenley Pilgram, the new look for Hot Orthodoxy will include some current pictures of me. Schen took these pictures last Sunday afternoon, and I think that she did a great job (given what she had to work with).

I'm interested your opinion(s). Which one of these do you think is best for use on the new template (A,B,C,D, or E) and why?  Leave your opinion or your snide remark (I'm ready for it!) in the comment box. Thanks!








Thanks, Schenley, for your skillful photography!

Readers in the Moshannon Valley will want to check out Schenley Pilgram Photography for "casual photography for families, children, seniors, and pets."


B. They're great pictures; this one is warmly neutral and kind- with www in mind.

What a handsome dude! I first thought B, but now I'm liking C a little better - looks like you are about to engage me in conversation...and I like that.

I'm feeling letter B!

Good job Schen!

"B" is getting the most "votes" at this point.

That's probably our winner.

Thanks, everybody, for your help.