Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Today is Sanctity of Human Life Day.

President Bush has made it official (probably the last official day for the next 4-8 years).

But we will mark it each year regardless of what our officials do.

One of the defining, tragic crises of our lifetime (I was born in 1973, the year that Roe vs. Wade was decided) is the casual disregard of human life.

Today, at church, we had the retiring director and the new director of A Woman's Concern, the pregnancy resource clinic in State College. They are on the front lines of this conflict--helping ladies make the righteous and loving choice. If you can support them with prayer, finances, or time, I highly recommend it.

Here's a sanctity of life story for you from RCO's blog:
"One way of catching class attention is to ask what advice [medical] students would give when presented with the following family history. The father has syphilis, the mother tuberculosis; they have already had four children -- the first is blind, the second died, the third is deaf and dumb, and the fourth has tuberculosis. The mother is pregnant with her fifth child, and the parents are willing to have an abortion, should you so decide.

Assuming there aren't too many Catholics in the class, you will usually find a majority in favor of abortion. You congratulate the class on their decision to abort -- and then you tell them they have just murdered Beethoven."

L. R. C. Agnew of the University of California School of Medicine at Los Angeles, quoted in "A gripping lesson on abortion," The Palo Alto Times, 27 September 1977.