Sunday, February 22, 2009

My New Saturday Evening Prayer

"Lord, allow me to preach to sinners the news so good that we must struggle against the joy of it."

I get this from RCO: Joyful Tidings.

Thankfully, I had that experience this morning!


pastor matt,
i know you have some wonderful outreach ministries available, and i came across this woman seeking assistance in our area. It was posted in the "help wanted" section of our ip provider classifieds.....

need a true christians help. - 07:16 am, 26 February, 2009 email the seller
Help Wanted: hello. sorry to take up this space but i do not know where else to turn. i am looking for help for my teenage daughter and am hoping someone out there could give me a good reference of where to go. i have tried every conventional method and am running out of time. my daughter has been making serious mistakes right now and has even turned away from God and i am looking for some kind of intervention. we have pa access card and i have taken her to see several counselors within their plan, but they did more harm then good. to be honest she is just another case load on their already over burdened desk. we do not belong to a church and sadly, i do not know anyone who would be able to help her. i really need to find a person who would be able to reach my daughter. someone who would actually care about the outcome but whom also would not make my daughter dependent on them for help. she needs to be empowered to make her own decisions. i have tried so hard but i am her mother and she will not listen to me. i am praying for her but she will be 18 in 3 months and is making plans to move in with her boyfriend. if she does this i know she will become pregnant and get into drinking and partying. this is my little girl and i need to find some way to reach her. if you have any helpful advice- please email me. please do not email me to be rude about my post. i prayed about it and believe something good will come out of this. please- if you can think of anyone who could help me- let me know. thank you and may the lord bless you always.
philipsburgh, pa
I have emailed her with your church phone number and hopefully she will respond back with contact information, to which i will forward to you immediately.
Thanks, Patti
(i had to send via blog as i don't have your personal email addy)

Thank you, Patti (which Patti is writing?) for caring about this woman and her daughter.

I'm not sure how we might help, but we would be glad to do what we can.

You can reach me by email either by filling out the form at:

-Pastor Matt