Friday, March 20, 2009

Calvin 500

In addition to reading through my Bible this year, I'm also reading through John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion.

My buddy, Dan Ledford, says "You and I call ourselves pastors, but we haven't read Calvin's Institutes all the way through?!" So, now we are.

I've always felt bad about that, but not so much today.

Ray Ortlund says that he just finished reading Calvin's Institutes this year. But he got a head start:

"In 1981. So it's about time." Read the whole thing.

Dan, we're in better company than we think!

I see, also, that Desiring God's national conference is dedicated to Calvin's vision of God painted on the canvas of the world. Interesting.

Of course, the point isn't John Calvin (who, by the way, shares a birthday with my beautiful bride), but Calvin's Lord!

Soli Deo Gloria!


That makes me feel much better!

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