Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grappling with Gossip

I need your help, gentle readers.

Both of you.

I have begun my the research phase of my doctoral project on gossip, and I need help with the real-life examples side of things.

I'm reading books about gossip from all kinds of perspectives:  evolutionary theory, sociology, Jewish rabbinic wisdom, Christian self-help books, tabloid journalism, etc.

But what I'm missing is the human element.  How the sin of gossip becomes attractive (to the speaker and the listener) and destructive (to the one talked about).

I need your stories.

No names, please!  I don't want my project against gossip to be a gossip session itself.

But I am looking for stories:

- the time you passed on that juicy tid-bit when you shouldn't have
- the time you were confused about whether or not to share
- the time you said, "Stop, I don't want to hear this."
- or "Have you talked with that person about this?"
- the time when gossip caused your church to almost split
- the time you chose a "apples of gold in settings of silver" word instead of a "choice morsel."


I'm especially interested in the heart that wants to gossip.  What was the motivation? 

Why do we do it?

Leave a comment on this or email me:  pastormatt AT lansefree DOT org.

Thank you.