Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gossip Game #3 - The Big Mo

Okay, gang, ready for another gossip game?

This one is really important because it involves the heart of the matter:

"The Big Mo - Motivation."

WHY do we gossip?

Can you give a sentence or even a word for a possible motivation for sinful gossip?

Here are a few words to get you going:


I'm hoping to compile about 25 of these.

The best of them (or categories that summarize them) will find their way into a sermon next Sunday!

Thanks, friends, for participating.


Many times we will mock or laugh at other peoples "situations", to mask how we feel about ourselves. So if I were to narrow it down into a word... how about "self-consciousness".

How about for reasons related to "fitting-in"? I think that sometimes people gossip so that they can be a part of the conversation. If they know something 'interesting' about another person they might get people to listen to them.

Great thoughts, Anon!

Thank you.