Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Kings Meets Jason Bourne: 42 Months Dry

Now, this is a different kind of book.

42 Months Dry is a sort of "First Kings meets Jason Bourne" kind of novel.

The author is Zach Bartels, a pastor who knows and loves his Bible. He has taken the prophet Elijah's story and placed it in a gritty, modern setting with an action-adventure-movie type script.

It was quite a ride, and I enjoyed it. Bartels stays true to scripture (while taking creative liberties, of course, including changing the order of events) and has a good feel for the genre. I enjoyed the themes/messages he explores.

Knowing the biblical story was actually a hindrance at times because I could guess what was going to happen next, but it was always interesting to see how Bartels would pull it off.  And even though I knew the basic plot points, there were also some fun surprises (including some things I should have seen coming!).

I would call it PG13, so don't just give it to your 10 year old to read. But your 16 year old boy will dig it. Recommended.

The trailer below gives a feel for the premise.