Monday, April 30, 2012

Shame Interrupted

Ed Welch's newest book comes out today (see the trailer below). I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of the book as part of my research on gossip. 

This is the one-paragraph review that I wrote right afterwards: 
I felt dirty when I read this book. And then I felt cleansed. Ed Welch takes readers into the disgusting depths of the experience of shame and then brings them up and out of it via the ever-startling story of the gospel of Jesus Christ--who was shamed for our sake. Shame Interrupted is the only book of its kind and is worth reading for your own soul and for ministering to anyone who knows the horror of shame.
Now that it's officially out, I've already ordered two copies to give away. So many struggle from this without knowing what it is or what the gospel says about it. Hooray! Another gift to the church.


Praise God! I might pick myself up a copy of this book, it looks pretty good.