Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"A Bad Day Hunting..."

This week is the first week of deer season with rifles. I was out yesterday most of the day looking for a big ole buck.

I'm not sure I really enjoy hunting--for me it's really more like "sitting" or "wishing" than "hunting," but the prospect of bringing home a big one is very motivating. 

While I was sitting there staring at the trees, looking for any signs of a white-tail, I had this thought--"I love my job! Many men think that 'A bad day hunting is better than good day in the office,' but that's not how I think at all.  I love what I do in my pastor's office--I am truly blessed."

(Though I'm pretty sure that a good day hunting might be better than a bad day in the office!)


Wait until those boys are big enough to go along. Then it isn't about hunting deer as much as building relationships and making memories! For me hunting has always been a family activity. No bad days when. You are with them right? Good luck Sat if you are out again!

You're right, Keith. That's one of the reasons why I'm out there now--trying to get the hang of it so that they have a good experience. I didn't grow up with hunting, so it's all new to me.