Monday, August 19, 2013

H.E. Singley on the Resisting Gossip Live Seminar

"On a recent tour by the Moody Men's Collegiate Choir to the eastern United States, we had the privilege of presenting a concert at Lanse Evangelical Free Church. I was interested to hear of Pastor Matt Mitchell's thoughtful work on the subject of gossip and asked him if he would be willing to give a synopsis of his writing and teaching on this important issue before we left Lanse for our next commitment. No one, of course, is immune to the influence of gossip, regrettably it seems, whether on the "giving" end or the "receiving" end. I assumed that our choir men would be interested in hearing from Matt since he is an alumnus of Moody Bible Institute and, as an obviously effective pastor in Lanse, doing what many of them envision doing after they graduate from MBI.

What I didn't adequately anticipate was how intensely captivated they were by Matt's presentation. All of us--and I include myself--were challenged to think anew about the admonition of Scripture regarding this malady which affects most human beings in one way or the other. It occurred to some of us in the choir that there are workshops about food addictions, out of control spending habits, and a plethora of other human pathologies which affect believers as well as unbelievers. Yet, gossip is relegated to maybe an occasional sermon or written essay when the Bible's teaching on this subject is explicit, quite unequivocal, and not all tucked away in more obscure portions of God's Word.

I look forward to reading Resisting Gossip, and I encourage believers to hear Dr Mitchell speak on this significant issue."  – H.E. Singley, Moody Men's Collegiate Choir, Moody Bible Institute