Friday, February 21, 2014

Fred Sanders on the Trinity

Today, I had a 4 hour road trip on my hands, and I improved the time by listening to these stimulating talks from the EFCA Theology Pre-Conference "God In Three Persons, Blessed Trinity" by BIOLA professor Fred Sanders.

I really enjoyed listening to Sanders teach (first time for me). His mind is awake and nimble, and when he talks, he makes learning about the deep things of God fun. I commend these (FREE!) talks to you.

Introduction by Greg Strand

1. God in Three Persons Blessed Trinity, Framing the Issue (Audio)

Fred Sanders

2. Approaching the Doctrine of the Trinity, pre-conference session (Audio) (Notebook outline)

3. God According to the Gospel, pre-conference session (Audio) (Notebook outline)

4. Tacit Trinitarianism and Q & A, pre-conference session (Audio) (Notebook outline)

5. The Truth and Reality of the Trinity Affects Everything, pre-conference breakout session (Audio)