Monday, April 14, 2014

2 Sermons on Resisting Gossip by Jim Larson

Pastor Jim Larson of Camarillo Evangelical Free Church has recently preached two key messages on the problem of gossip building upon Resisting Gossip.

#1. Recognizing Runaway Conversations (click on 03/23/14). (HANDOUT NOTES)

#2. Resisting Runaway Conversations (click on 03/30/14). (HANDOUT NOTES)

Jim wrote me an encouraging note last week saying that these messages have "made a deep impact on many in the congregation," and that he was recommending that church folks read through Resisting Gossip once a year. It is so humbling and heartening to hear how Resisting Gossip is helping people to change the way they talk to and about others!

If you listen to the messages, you'll hear that Jim himself is a wordsmith:

-  About James 3, he says, "I can't get a charcoal barbeque going with with gasoline and hand-grenades and yet the tongue seems to be that little organ that sets everything ablaze."

-  He describes the talking side of gossip as "active gossip" and the listening side as "passive gossip." (I wish I'd thought of that!)

- He points out that Absalom was the consummate backstabber.

- He says that some people are "absent-mindedly malicious" and that others are "Drive-by listeners" who are gawking at the lives of others.  (I'll be using that one, Jim!)

Jim ends his series saying, "We can do better. We don't have to be enslaved by speaking ill of people, by rejoicing in their weaknesses, by glorying in their dark side. We don't have to be that way. We can be people who rejoice in goodness and righteousness. Who look to build people up, not tear people down."