Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tessalynn Reyes' Review of "Resisting Gossip"

Tessalynn Reyes is an avid reader from the Philippines and regularly reviews books at WonderfullyCatapulted.  She recently read Resisting Gossip and posted a longish and positive review.

Tessalynn read Resisting Gossip for 3 main reasons:
First, I am a big talker. I delight in sharing things that I know, relevant or otherwise. Sin is never sophisticated, and I admit not being classy when I engage in mindless chatter. Gossip is extremely deceiving. I often mistake it for a cherished right to express myself. Now that gossiping has an explicit definition, I should begin owning up to the mess I have made.
Second, I was a victim of gossip. Hearing stuff that is untrue can be very mind-bending, but this book spared me from the throes of fleshly retaliation. Praying for my enemies and overlooking their faults do not completely relieve the pain caused by it, but I learned to rest in my Father’s leadership. I am certain that He is perfectly able to do something about it.
Lastly, I love breakthroughs. If we can be strategically genuine about fighting against gossip, consider the suggestions in this book as a head-start. I cannot aspire for meaningful fellowships with others if I do not keep my motives right with the Lord when I speak.
She summarizes and evaluates the content and ends with this encouraging statement:
Our mouth has been created for God’s pleasure. If you are not certain about using it for the purpose for which it is made, but would like to relish in the unfolding of His amazing promises, this book is for you. 
Read the whole thing.