Tuesday, January 06, 2015

"Fire and Stone" - New Album by the Gray Havens

We are rejoicing with our friends, Dave and Licia Radford, who are also our favorite band, The Gray Havens, on the release of their new album "Fire and Stone" on iTunes.

"Fire and Stone" consists of 10 new songs written by the Radfords. It's consistent with the style and themes of their first album "Where Eyes Don't Go" but also develops new evocative sounds, more energy, and even deeper lyrics.

Introduction Video

1. Inheritance

Nautical allusions and allegory with a strong declarative chorus:

We will treasure and we will hold on.
To the light, the light before us.
We'll be confident, we'll be bold
If we know that the Light is for us.

2. Songs in the Night

A searching song about the heart-breaking love of our Savior.

3. The Stone

This was released last Easter season. The "stone" in the song has at least two meanings.

I love how Dave takes that first and last stone and carries it 100 yards for the touchdown!

Get all the lyrics in this video:

4. Sirens

Hold on, my heart!
You've tasted joy that's more than this!

A anthem about defeating temptation by the power of a greater promise. The animated video creatively captures both the feel and the message of the music.

5. Jack and Jill, pt. 2

This is my second favorite song on the album. I first got to hear it at our church when the Radfords first visited us. It's a whimsical feel good song with a glorious message about what Tolkien called "eucatastrophe."

We were feeling new. As if everything sad came untrue. 

The Radfords were kind enough to give us permission to use snippets of "Jack and Jill, pt.2" in each episode of the Resisting Gossip Video Teaching Series. In the blooper video below, we got to play most of the song.

6. Music, They Call Me

Dave loves to write stories and images into his songs. Here he got to personify music itself and tell its story. They go places musically in this one that they weren't able to ever before.

7. Stole My Fame (To: Grace)

This is easily my kids' favorite song on the album. We love to turn up the car radio when it comes on and sing along. It's catchy and fun but at the same time gets across the boast-defeating power of grace. I think that this is the song that makes the most of Licia's voice and shows her range.

I love their recently released video for "Stole My Fame." It's all done in one take and features some musicians from other well-known bands.

8. Under the Mountain

I can't say that I understand all the lyrics in this one, but I know it's about the wonders of heaven and when they soar in the song, I long for "the home of righteousness" (2 Peter 3:13).

Alleluia, welcome home!
Yes, I was home.

9. If the Walls Move

A completely different metaphor for the Christian life.

10. Far Kingdom

My favorite song--full of longing and the anticipation of ever-increasing joy.

There’s a river we will know
Ever clear and ever full
From the fount that overflows
In the light of the King
And when we drink it we will find
That this joy, ever full, will ever rise
And it’ll rise on, in the kingdom
In the kingdom

Have you bought your copy yet? What are you waiting for?!

Congratulations, Dave and Licia, on this milestone. Thank for you "Fire and Stone!"