Friday, August 28, 2015

Love Walked Among Us - Review & Discussion Guide

I was having a great conversation yesterday with a friend about this terrific book (which has a new cover and is now available in multiple formats) and realized that my short review isn't available on my blog anywhere.

So here it is:

Loved Walked Among Us has quickly become one of my “everyone” books.

As soon as I read it, I ordered a case of copies to put in the hands of everyone in our church and everyone who crossed my path.  Paul Miller’s keen study of how Jesus loved people is fresh, unique, and eminently readable–full of winsome wisdom in succinct sentences and 3D stories.

Everyone can profit from reading it–from closet Pharisees (like me) to honest unbelievers searching out the true identity of Jesus.  Miller takes us on a tour of the gospels, shining a spotlight on the surprising ways and whys of Jesus’ love for people and connecting the dots to our lives today.  The book is the condensed fruit of a longer study of the Person of Jesus available on the author’s helpful website:

The only thing missing in LWAU is a chapter by chapter discussion guide for small groups, so I wrote one for our church.  Love Walked Among Us climaxes with our Lord’s death and resurrection, making it a great book for everyone to read as Easter approaches.  Buy two copies: one to read and one to give away.


This review was originally published in EFCA Today (Winter 2009) and is used with permission.