Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogfast 2006

In an effort to work at not being controlled by anything (1 Cor. 6:12), I am undertaking a blogfast for about a month. I'll only be reading blogs of my friends and family (you probably know who you are) and blogs that relate to our EFCA Statement of Faith revision. All other blogs are off limits for the time being.

I did this last year, and the benefits to my soul, concentration, and family were significant. I did miss being "connected" to what was going on in the wider-blogosphere, but it certainly worked to fight against my "idol of information-control."

One of the strange corollaries of this kind of thing is that I'll have (a little) more time to write on my own blog. So, unless you are fasting from Hot Orthodoxy this month, expect a bit more regular content.


Well done pursuing "Blogfast - Part II" - the exciting sequel. May God bless you richly. I will look forward to reading more from your blog, especially now that I am blogging regularly again.

So by avoiding your own addiction, you have more time to contribute to others'? :)

If you are unhealthily addicted to reading this blog, I urge you to fast from it right away!