Saturday, May 09, 2009

15th Anniversary and My Birthday, Too

Heather and I will mark 15 years of marital bliss on June 18th. We've got such a busy Summer planned that we decided to celebrate it early (and over my birthday!) with a getaway to our favorite place on God's green Earth--Cook Forest State Park in Clarion, Pennsylvania.

THANK YOU to all who babysat for us (we had a 4-unit team to get us through the 2 nights away) and to Bob for the loan of his truck!

We hiked each day of our getaway. This was our longest hike. We alternated taking photos at each trail sign. For those of you who know Cook Forest, you have a good idea of how long our hike was (not obvious from the pictures here), where we were, and what we saw.

The birthday boy!

Trail's End.

We stayed at the Gateway Lodge--comfortable and fun! A great anniversary to mark a great marriage. Praise the Lord!