Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Only 6 More "Sleeps" Left

Mommy is away visiting her Canadian family.

Last night was the first of 7 "sleeps" until she comes back to us.

We're counting them down!

Yesterday, we all (the 6 of us and Heather's parents) went up to Miracle Mountain Ranch for their annual Open House. We didn't make any of these pictures, but we did many of the things you see--including pony rides for the boys! A great time.

Then it was back home, water the garden, feed the chickens and the fire (not feed the chickens to the fire!), and off to bed.

Today, it's work, play, visiting with friends, and a 4 kid dentist visit and then off to bed again--for fun, we're all going to camp out together in basement, not in our rooms.

And then only 6 more sleeps until Mommy returns!