Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Big Milestone

On the first Tuesday of January, I started my project writing in earnest.  On that day, I created a checklist of 7 next steps that I need to take to complete this big deal.

Yesterday, I put the last checkmark (that I can do) on that list!

I finished reading Patricia Meyer Spacks' book Gossip (a dense academic tome about gossip in literature and in life).  As far as I know, the last book I need to read for my research--the last book that I said (in my proposal) that I would read.

It is read!

The only thing I don't have from my checklist from January 4th is 150 more gossip stories, and for that, I still need help from you.

There will be many more milestones still to pass, but it feels good to be making progress.


So should I secretly tell people at prayer meeting tonight about Matt Mitchell and what shocking reading he's doing?