Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tim's Story - You Are Not Alone

As I listened to Tim's story (below), I was struck again with how important the loving reaction of his friends was to his revelation of homosexual desires.

One of Tim's friends, Eric Teetsel, wrote about their friendship in an article titled, "My Gay Roommate."
One lesson in particular stands out from the rest. Tim vacillated between acceptance of his sexual inclinations and the greater calling of his faith for years before finally finding rest in the decision to let Jesus be enough. That arduous journey was made much, much more difficult by voices from within the Church encouraging him to embrace his inclination to homosexuality.
The debates in our culture and churches about homosexuality are not just theoretical. They are about real people with real lives.

Note: I don't know why, but sometimes the words don't match the video. Listen to it, even if you don't watch.

[HT: Denny Burk]