Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Year of "Resisting Gossip"

"Happy 'Resisting Gossip' Day!"

That's how my publisher, Dave Almack, greeted me on the phone one year ago today as Resisting Gossip was officially made available to the public.

What an exciting year it has been!

Yesterday, I went through all of the posts on this blog marked Resisting Gossip and praised God for the many many blessings He has poured out on us in this process.

It's been so fun to talk about the book in radio interviews and live seminars, to find positive reviews online, and to see it at the top of book lists from people I respect. But the thing I've enjoyed the most is hearing back from readers who have been helped by reading it. How encouraging! It makes it worth all of the effort.

What's Next?

You may have noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet for the last month or so. That's because we've been busy getting ready for the launch of Resisting Gossip Together a new participant's guide and Bible study that takes individuals and groups deeper into the biblical teaching about gossip. Resisting Gossip Together is set to release October 7th.

We've also been putting the finishing touches on the 10 videos of the Resisting Gossip Teaching Series that we filmed in the Spring. Spencer Folmar has been editing up a storm, and I look forward to their release.  These 10 short videos (10-12 minutes each) correspond to the chapters in both Resisting Gossip and the lessons in Resisting Gossip Together and will be a gift to the world from CLC Publications--completely free, downloadable and sharable. They will also be available for sale on DVD. I'll let you know as soon as they are out.

Translations On the Way

I expect to hear any day now that the Spanish version, Resistiendo el Chisme, is available in both Latin America and in the United States. 

And some day soon there will be translations into both Korean and French, as well. I'm constantly surprised and pleased to see how God is using this teaching in people's lives--including in places I'll probably never go.

So, that's a lot--we've been incredibly blessed and it really hasn't slowed down yet. If you want to know what all is happening, continue to follow this blog and/or sign-up to receive the Resisting Gossip Update Newsletter.

Thanks for your prayers for me and for the ministry of this book!