Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Sermon on Resisting Gossip by Gerhard deBock

This week, I got to listen to "Giving In To Gossip," a sermon by Pastor Gerhard deBock of Trinity Fellowship EFC of Big Rapids, Michigan.

This sermon was part of his "Stop Banging Your Head" series about the greatest mistakes Christians continue to make and how to avoid them.

Pastor Gerry has read and recommends Resisting Gossip, but the last part of my definition gives him reason to pause. He points out that most of us too readily assume that we have good hearts. I agree and appreciate his warning us against assuming the best for our motives (what he calls "The Judgment of Charity") and the worst for others.

Gerry is a funny guy and easy to listen to. I liked the way he interacted with the material from my book. He summarized the three kinds of bad new in chapter 1 as "lies, judgmental speculation, and shameful truth." He took the three parts of the definition and turned them into diagnostic questions of "Who," "What," and "Why."
– Who? Is the person being talked about present?
– What? Is what being said a betrayal of confidence? Based on hearsay or first hand knowledge? Merely speculation? True, but destructive to a person's reputation?
– Why? Is the listener being asked to take action with the talker? Is the talker looking for counsel on how to take action? Is the talker looking for help in regaining the Judgment of Charity before taking action? 

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