Friday, September 18, 2015

"Résister à la Médisance" Launch in Montreal Next Friday

I am so excited about the launch of Résister à la Médisance next Friday!

The French version of Resisting Gossip has already been released by CLC in France (and is also available on, but it comes to this continent on September 25th.

Dave Almack of CLC USA and I will be traveling up next weekend to Montreal to participate in a special event to launch the book. CLC Canada will be hosting us at SEMBEQ, a unique seminary that is the center of the evangelical mission to plant gospel-centered churches throughout Quebec. I will get to share with Christians (through a translator) how to recognize, resist, and respond to gossip. I'm looking forward to meeting new people who are interested in what the Bible says about the war of the wagging tongue.

I'll let you know afterwards how it went.

CLC has provided a preview of Résister à la Médisance that can be accessed below.