Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Two Years of "Resisting Gossip"

It's hard to be believe, but Resisting Gossip has just turned two years old.

Yesterday, I went through all of the posts on this blog marked Resisting Gossip, and reviewed what a fun ride it's been over the last twelve months.

Some highlights from this second year:

Resisting Gossip Together

In October, CLC Publications released Resisting Gossip Together: Participant's Guide and Bible Study as a companion book. This Summer, RGT already went into its second printing. I'm thankful for the chance to provide this study guide for folks who want to go deeper into God's Word on gossip. I was able to include material that didn't make it into the original book.

For more information, see this page on my blog which include even more resources and my interview with the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

A great place to purchase Resisting Gossip Together is Westminster Bookstore who also has a starter pack of 5 books and study guides at 35% off the list price.

The Resisting Gossip Video Teaching Series

At the same time, CLC Publications also released a complementary set of videos featuring me teaching on the ten chapters of Resisting Gossip. They were produced, filmed, and directed by Spencer Folmar of Third Brother Films and have great music from The Gray Havens.

What I love most about these videos is that they are available for FREE to the world--downloadable and sharable. The first video has already been viewed more than a thousand times. (A DVD set is available for those who need it.)

Restiendo el Chisme on Colombian National Television

I never saw this one coming!

On March 31st, the Spanish version was featured in an 18 minute segment on the morning show of Channel One, the national television station in Colombia. (Click on the picture here to got to the YouTube video.)

I don't know much Spanish, but from what I can tell, they did a great job of covering the contents and even the corny humor from the book.

I love the international reach of CLC Ministries.

The Korean and Russian translations are in production, and I can't wait to learn how the Lord might use those in parts of the world I will never see.

Disciplemaking, Not Just Resisting Gossip

The best part of being the author of this book is that it's not about me, it's about ministry. It's not just about resisting gossip; it's about making disciples of Jesus Christ.

So, my favorite part is hearing stories from people who have been helped by the material.

Stories from folks like Allison Bies, the Federated Church's Adult VBS, this ladies' Bible study group, this family, Uche in Sudan, and this anonymous pastor.

It's a great privilege and joy to be used in ministry.

What's Next?

1. Résister à la médisance!

The French translation has just been released by CLC France in Europe and will soon be released in Quebec by CLC Canada.

I'm particularly excited about this new release because I get to be a part of it in Montreal! On September 25th, Dave Almack and will be traveling up Montreal for the launch of Résister à la médisance. I'll be sharing more about this event as it gets closer.

CLC France has posted the cover, table of contents, the foreword, introduction and a bit of the first chapter in French.

2. "Side by Side."

Next month, Heather and I will be traveling to Virginia Beach to participate in the 2015 CCEF National Conference. I've been asked to teach a breakout session on "Behind the Back: When Side by Side Ministry is Distorted by Gossip."

I love the ministry of CCEF so I consider it a great honor and a high privilege to get to serve in this way. I can't hardly wait!

In preparation for the conference, CCEF ran a new version of my article on how to keep gossip out of prayer requests.

My heart is full of thanks to God for all of these blessings (and also the countless ones I have no idea He's sending me). May He get the glory now and forever.