Friday, April 29, 2005

4 Blogs I Read Every Day & Why

Two Pastor Friends

1. Byron Harvey's a ticking time blog

Byron is something of a Christian commentator with a humorous bent. You never have to wonder what's on his mind! Byron and I pastor sister churches within the same district of the EFCA.

2. Dennis Wadsworth's r-u-serious

Dennis is a younger local church pastor (like me) and a relative newcomer (like me again) to blogging. We went to seminary together.

Two Theological Leaders

3. Justin Taylor's Between Two Worlds

Justin Taylor is the Director of Theology and Executive Editor at Desiring God and an editor of several excellent books from Crossway.

I like reading Justin because of his youthfulness (4 years younger than me!) coupled with his excellent grasp of theological insight. This a young leader to watch in evangelicalism!

4. Albert Mohler's Crosswalk Commentary

Al Mohler is the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and the speaker on the daily national radio program The Al Mohler Program.

I like reading Dr. Mohler because he seems to have a timely, biblical, and wise word on the subjects that everyone is talking about in the news every day. He says things that many will disagree with, but I'm glad that God has raised up men like him in our day.


Ones to add:

MINE! - for reasons that are obvious :)

ct magazine's weblog - a great capsule of news items
scot mcknight's jesus creed - excellent thoughts on theology and practice
rick bennett's cheaper than therapy - a great foil to Byron's "fundy conservative" take on things :)