Thursday, June 20, 2013

Diane McDougall on "Resisting Gossip"

For the last dozen years Diane McDougall has been teaching me about the art of writing and editing. One of her many roles is serving as the editor of EFCA Today magazine for which I am a regular contributor and the volunteer book review coordinator.

Diane has a nose for a good story and has a secret stash of "magic editor dust" that she sprinkles on some of the clunky stuff I send her that turns it into sparkling prose. 

I was blessed to have her editorial eye during the development stage of Resisting Gossip, and I'm pleased to have her endorsement for the book:
“Matt Mitchell did not casually put this book together but asked lots of questions, explored lots of complicated situations and aimed for biblical wisdom that truly applies to all. Great for the home groups at my church to consider walking through together.” – Diane McDougall is editorial director at Journey Group — a custom-content firm in Charlottesville, Va., that helps tell the stories of organizations that do good work. When she's not editing her way out of a cool story, she might be found walking her dog, swing dancing or trying a new recipe.


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