Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jeff Powell on Resisting Gossip

Jeff Powell is the District Superintendent of the Allegheny District of the EFCA. He's also MY pastor. (And he does such a super job at it, that my kids and I call him "Super Jeff." He's pictured her with Super-Kim whose even more terrific than him.)

Jeff has a difficult job--watching over our fledgling little family of churches, and battling sinful gossip has only made it more difficult.

So, I was very encouraged when he had a chance to read and endorse Resisting Gossip:

“I thoroughly enjoyed and was challenged by Matt’s biblical approach to gossip. As a District Superintendent with the EFCA, I too often experience the fruit of gossip in churches. I believe Matt's work has great opportunities for individuals as well as groups to learn to biblically deal with gossip. I especially like the questions at the end of each chapter and believe this makes the material very applicable for small groups. I believe this subject must be addressed in the church today.” – Jeff Powell


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