Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sundays Are for Sermons #1: Longer Series

This is a strange month for me. I'm on vacation, so I'm out of my own pulpit, and I'm visiting different churches and hearing other pastors preach.

I thought that during this time away, I would post some thoughts about my philosophy of preaching--how and I why I do what I do and some of the people and ideas that have influenced my preaching the most.

First up: Preaching Longer Series.

A few years ago, I was asked about how to plan and preach through longer series:
I am going to take some time next week to think through a preaching schedule for the next 6-12 months. Our leadership really wants us to teach through books of the Bible for the most part. Do you have any thoughts on or resources to point me towards on teaching through longer books (ex. John). It seems like you may need to approach that type of a study differently than say Philippians or Jonah. As I think of doing John for example, you could easily spend 6 months on that book. How do you keep it from getting old?
That's a great question.

I responded with a 7 point answer that started with this one:

1. The Bible is not boring. You and I can be boring, but the Bible isn't boring. So a long series doesn't have to be boring if we are preaching what is there.