Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Thankful for the EFCA

EFCA One, the national conference of our association of churches, is officially over for this year. It was a great time with terrific people, inspiring worship times, and good information.

My top 3 highlights:

1. Seeing an awesome couple from our home church get introduced to the larger EFCA movement.

2. Sharing what I've been learning about Resisting Gossip with a great bunch of EFCA leaders and telling others about the upcoming book.

3. Savoring our long and varied connections with the EFCA including:

- Seeing Arloa Sutter again whose Breakthrough Urban Ministries is where I cut my teeth in volunteer ministry to the poor.

- Participating in national level ministries like credentialing and editorial consulting for EFCA Today.

- Re-connecting with so many EFCA friends from our times at Trinity, in the Great Lakes District of the EFCA, national office and missionary leaders, and folks from our Awesome Allegheny District (old, current, and soon-to-be).

I know that I am truly blessed to be a part of this extended family of churches. I feel it.

I am grateful for the EFCA.