Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sundays Are for Sermons #2: Piper on Preaching

I've read a number of books on preaching over the years, but the one that has loomed in my consciousness the most is John Piper's The Supremacy of God in Preaching.

Back in seminary, I wrote this book review.
In probably the most helpful section of the first part, Piper explains the manner of approach that the God-centered preacher will take to this task: gladness and gravity. Piper defines this approach as "Gladness and gravity should be woven together in the life and preaching of a pastor in such a way as to sober the careless soul and sweeten the burden of the saints" (52). Gravity is not somberness but a "blood-earnestness" that communicates through its intensity the weighty importance of the biblical principles being exposed.
This is a "hot orthodoxy" approach to preaching that still guides me every Sunday.

Read my whole review.


At some point, I'd like to read the updated 2004 version.