Monday, July 27, 2015

Now at CCEF: Keeping Gossip Out of Prayer Requests

CCEF has published my article "Keeping Gossip Out of Prayer Requests" on their blog.

I'm looking forward to sharing a breakout session at their upcoming national conference "Side by Side: How God Helps Us to Help Others" in October.

My talk will be: "Behind Their Backs: When Side-by-Side Ministry Is Distorted by Gossip"  and is described this way in the conference schedule:
Gossip is notoriously hard to define and even harder to resist. It is as alluring and addictive as it is dangerous and hurtful to others. This workshop will equip those involved in personal ministry to grow in their ability to recognize gossip when they encounter it, to resist gossip when they are tempted to listen or pass it on, and to respond in faith and love when they are the unwitting target of harmful clandestine talk.
I love the ministry of CCEF (I call myself a "CCEF-Junkie") so it's a great privilege and deep pleasure to partner with them in this conference. I can't hardly wait.