Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book Review: "Sexual Sanity for Men"

Looking for hope for holy sexuality? I've got a book to recommend.

From my book review at the Biblical Counseling Coalition:
“Sexual sanity.” Isn’t that exactly what we need?
No one should need convincing that, here in North America, we live in a culture that has gone insane over sex. Our day is characterized by so much confusion, so much heart-ache, so much access and addiction to unholy and unhealthy choices—Internet pornography, fornication, same-sex attraction, adultery, sexual fantasy, masturbation.
Men are in the thick of this battle, and often losing. Men are isolated, pinned down under heavy crossfire, and do not know where to turn.
David White of Harvest USA has done something about this problem by writing Sexual Sanity for Men: Re-creating Your Mind in a Crazy Culture. This book is imaginatively designed as a men’s small group resource with (amazingly!) seventy chapters. Fourteen weeks of five-day chapters are divided up into four major sections. For each day there is a substantial reading and three to four applications questions to generate discussion.
The topic is sexual brokenness, the goal is holy sexuality, and the author offers gospel-centered hope.
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