Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dan Holmquist on Spiritual Smear Campaigns

My friend Dan warns against subtle lies (malicious gossip) that undermine good ministries:

Little lies work best.
A sampling:  This is not a loving church.  People are unfriendly.  The pastor isn’t really a good shepherd.  They do not understand other perspectives.  I am not being fed.  I was not touched in worship.  They do not lead biblically.  The leaders do not spend wisely.  Ministries are not meeting the most important needs.
 Then he talks about those people most susceptible to get entangled by a smear campaign:

Beware of those who complain, and after heard are rarely able to come to a peaceful resolution.
Beware of those who talk a lot about ministries and take positions, but are largely uninvolved.
Beware of those who discuss other people’s motives thoughtlessly and carelessly, even openly.
Beware of those who purposefully avoid developing close relationships with others in the church.
Beware of those who aren’t learning, and yet present themselves as knowledgeable and spiritual, and ever-ready to teach.
Beware of those who are spiritually discontent and generally unhappy in God.
And he concludes with a biblical strategy from 1 Thessalonians 2 for answering these kinds of attacks.

Read the whole thing.