Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marty Schoenleber on "Heart Talk"

My friend, EFCA Pastor and Church Planting Mentor, Marty Schoenleber writes a provocative blog called "Chosen Rebel."

Marty was one of the critical readers for my Resisting Gossip D.Min project and drew a lesson from a quote in it this week.

All my words reveal my heart. All of them.
The ones I speak when I am rested, and fed, and happy, and satisfied, and fulfilled, and the ones I speak when I am tired, and hungry, and sad, and impatient, and confused. All of them reflect the inner workings of my heart. 
Those words that voiced impatience with my wife when she was talking to me can’t be attributed to the fact that I am cranky when I am looking through my bifocals, or anything else that I use to try and absolve myself of bad behavior. My words flow from what is in my heart. And my heart needs to be filled, overflowing with Christ. But not filled like a cup is filled, filled like a sponge is filled–saturating every part of the whole not superficially carried in a container of flesh.
Read the whole thing.