Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have a headache...

...but it's not because I've been pounding my head on the piano. I think it's just a bad cold coming on.

Here's what I got done today on writing day:
I studied the Bible all day!
Today was Old Testament Day.

1. I learned what Hebrew words are often translated "gossip" in English versions.

2. I copied pages and pages of information out of word study books and commentaries on gossip in the Old Testament.

3. I also created a working outline for Chapter Two and looked up scholarly articles about gossip online.  I was able to print some of them, but some of them are only available in physical libraries (can you imagine?).
These 3 accomplishments don't sound like much, but they were a faithful, good start to my deep biblical research for Chapter Two of the project, and I didn't spend much time beating my head against the piano.