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Saturday, May 07, 2005

20 Years From Now

I've recently begun to try to develop vision for my ministry for the next 20 years. What would LEFC look like, what would Matt Mitchell look like, what would the Mitchell family look like 20 years from now if the Lord tarries, keeps us right here, and continues to give us life?

My friend Eric Tober recently asked me what my vision for ministry for the next 10 years was, and I didn't have a good answer. That started me thinking. I've expanded it from 10 to 20 to really get a wide-angle view.

Thinking this way has been good for me. It helps me to think about tomorrow and not just the cares of today. It helps me to be patient; change doesn't happen over night. It makes me hopeful; God is at work, just imagine what He may do in 20 years!

I hope to write soon on some of what I can see from here of that 20 year vision.



It might also be interesting to compare your current status to what you thought might be five years ago!

Was Eric Tober at Trinity? I think I know him.

-- Steve