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Friday, October 14, 2005

To Blog!

A few nights ago, my wife, who had been bemusedly ambiguous on the question of whether blogging was a good idea for me or not, told me, "I love your blog!"

She's not only happy about the way that I've attempted to promote what I call "Hot Orthodoxy," but also how she can direct friends and family to the "glimpses into family life" to help people far away get a sense of what the Mitchells are up to in Central Pennsylvania.

I'm glad she approves. I wouldn't do this if she wasn't okay with it. We agree that we still need to be conscious of the dangers inherent in this medium, but it appears that Hot Orthodoxy is here to stay.


What a nice family picture!

Thanks, Toni,

My Dad took this picture on a big family hike in Cook Forest State Park (my favorite place on God's green Earth) this last Summer.

I like how the light plays around everyone's head and shoulders and off of the water (and how only a few of us seem interested at all in the camera!).