Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gone on a Diet

You may have noticed a new "banner" on the side-bar.

Diet of Bookworms

The Diet of Bookworms is a website run by blogger Tim Challies. He writes this about the Diet:

"In short, this site is a collection of links to discerning reviews of Christian books. It is a resource for Christians to research books and authors. We collect reviews written by discerning readers and link to them from this site. Once our editors have reviewed the book, we generally provide a consensus view of the book.

So the next time a person says to you, "Have you heard of this book?" you can search for it in our database and find one or more discerning reviews of that book. Similarly, next time you are looking for a good book to read, you can visit this site and find a book that you know will prove edifying."

My review of Humility: True Greatness is now on the Diet site, and I hope to add others as time goes on. While I can't endorse everything every reviewer says (I haven't even read a fraction of the reviews!), I do recommend this site for help in deciding if a book is or is not worth reading.

Now, if I could just diet in other ways...