Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Life Mission

Recently, I’ve been ruminating on updating my “life mission statement” to reflect what I’ve learned about living in wisdom in the last few years (and to shorten it to something more memorable).

Here’s my current statement (circa 1999):

"Matt Mitchell exists to magnify God in all His excellence by pursuing Him with all passion while sharing His Word of truth and serving His people in love. At heart, I am a lover, a herald, a general, and a shepherd. With my life, God wants me to continually spark and fan to flame a movement of God-magnifying people who pursue Him with all fiery passion through a Word-based spirituality. God wants me to accomplish this vision by being a living example of a God-magnifying lover who reads, believes, lives, and teaches God's Word in all its fullness. This exampling will look like a God-ward life of one-syllable words: peace, joy, love, faith, and hope. My example must start and remain flaming at the personal level as it spreads to my family, to my church, to my community, to district, national, and international levels."