Monday, December 31, 2007

The Other Half of the Year (In Book Reading)

Here's the list of books I've completed in the second half of 2007.

Remember, just because I read it doesn't mean that I recommend it! Utilize discernment! And read your Bible more than you read other books--even books on the Bible.

The first half of this year's list is found here. 2006 is here and here. 2005 is here and here.

July-December 2007:

Ingalls Wilder, Laura Farmer Boy

Poythress, Vern Redeeming Science

Singer, Randy False Witness

Beschloss, Michael Presidential Courage

Grisham, John The Broker

James, P.D. A Taste for Death

Rusaw, Rick and Eric Swanson The Externally Focused Church [My book review.]

Stewart, Gary et al Basic Questions on Sexuality and Reproductive Technology

Cole, Dennis The New American Commentary on Numbers

Allen, Ronald The Expositors Bible Commentary on Numbers

Wenham, Gordon The Tyndale Old Testament Commentary on Numbers

Ingalls Wilder, Laura On the Banks of Plum Creek

Huckabee, Mike Character Makes a Difference

Tchividjian, Tullian Do I Know God?

Roberts, Mark D. Can We Trust the Gospels?

Stewart, Gary et al Basic Questions on Alternative Medicine

James, P.D. Original Sin

Rusaw, Rick and Eric Swanson Living Life on Loan

Benge, Janet & Geoff George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

Duguid, Ian Preach the Word Commentary on Numbers

Kidd, Chip (ed.) Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz

Eareckson Tada, Joni & Nigel Cameron How To Be A Christian In A Brave New World

Canfield Fisher, Dorothy Understood Betsy

Schulz, Charles M. Peanuts Treasury

Garfield, James B. Follow My Leader

Galdwell, Malcom The Tipping Point

Lewis, C.S. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Morley, Patrick et al No Man Left Behind

Getz, Gene The Measure of a Man

Weil, Ann Red Sails to Capri

Piper, John The Future of Justification

Pruet, David Deer Hunting 101

Estes, Eleanor Ginger Pye

Dever, Mark What is a Healthy Church?

Ortlund, Raymond Lord, Make My Life a Miracle!

Bellesi, Denny & Leesa The Kingdom Assignment

Dungy Tony Quiet Strength

Ingalls Wilder, Laura By the Shores of Silver Lake

Frye, Bob Deer Wars

Nancy, Ted Letters from a Nut

Schaap, Jeremy Cinderella Man

Stafford, Tim Shaking the System


Hey Pastor Matt Mitchell - Thanks for reading our book...The Kingdom Assignment.

God's richest blessings to you, your family, your ministry and your daily assignments for Him!

Leesa Bellesi

Way to go, Matt! You inspire me.