Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Church Discipline = Blessing?

Ken Sande says, "Absolutely!"

I am so thankful for Sande and the Peacemaker Ministries he leads. They have shown us how church discipline is good, loving, and peace-loving wisdom.

I preached on this truth in the Fall of 2005: The Search and Rescue Church.


Your wife and I were friends in jr. high school. Please say hello to her and if she likes, she can e-mail me... would love to hear how she's doing:)
Emma (cowling) Dabrowski

Hi, Emma!

You're the one with the traveling flowered couch in all of the pictures, right?

Were you at our wedding?

I'll tell Heather how to connect with you.



Wow... great memory:) I'd forgotten about that! Thanks a lot!