Sunday, November 09, 2008

Chicken Update

For all of our dedicated blogreaders who have been wondering about our chickens, there are two items that we've not kept you up to date on:

1) Eggs. We've got 'em. The first 2 were laid right before our 2 week vacation in September. Now, we get between 4 and 6 per day. They're brown-shelled, tasty, and good for you! Come on over, and I'll fry, boil, scramble, bake, or omelet you one!

What's really fun about them is that they don't all believe in the nest-boxes we've made for them--so we have to hunt around for them. We've found them in the woodpile, the logpile, anywhere that they can find a dark, enclosed place! It's like Easter egg hunting year-round.

2) Down to 13. One of our chickens had a run-in with a neighbor's dog. The dog won. The funeral and grieving period was short (Robin asked if we were going to eat it--we didn't.) The rest of the hens haven't seemed to noticed that one of their number is missing.

Viva la Chicken!

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I miss those beautiful ladies.

Never gotten chickens in a box....wait a minute...yes I have...

Kentucky Fried!

Love the post...

Ray Morgan