Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hunting Buddies

My hunting buddies tell me that now I have "buck fever" and I'll never be the same.

I think they may be right.

Last week, I saw a buck in the neighbor's yard, and immediately my heart started racing, and I called my hunting buddy--he was out in the woods.  Nothing like calling your hunting buddy and telling him that there is a deer somewhere that he isn't!

My hunting buddy, Jeff, has written this little ditty to go with my first post on deerslaying:

Doe a deer, a female deer
Now, it's sizzles on the grille
Buck, a deer with antlers sharp
Matt, moves in to make the kill

Fa, Buck better start to run
Bang, the firing of the gun
Oof, the dragging has begun
Buck won't ever chase another doe, doe, doe... 

And lastly, when I went to put up my Christmas decorations this year, I got a little carried away...

Not really, but I thought I thought this picture was funny, not gross.  So my transformation has truly begun...


The Kristofits family took a break from school to sing Jeff's song. It was a hit with both of them!

The sad thing is, you'll never be able to watch The Sound of Music the same way again!