Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breakthrough on Project & Preparing for Writing Week and Online Fast

I had a "breakthrough" this morning as I was thinking about the gossip project.

It's kind of like most "aha" moments in not seeming like a big thing afterwards, but it was a long time in coming and also was just in time.

For the last several months, I've been trying to organize my work on the biblical data about gossip around the major story-line of the Bible, the redemptive/historical Big Story of the Bible.

But gossip just doesn't fit very well on that story-line.  The "doctrine of gossip" just doesn't have much of a development throughout the Bible.  I can make a case for a minor level of development, but not a major one.

So, it just doesn't make sense to organize my research that way.  Simple, no?

So, now I'm re-thinking my organizational schema, and my heart is much more at peace.  Thank you, Lord.

Next week is a whole week dedicated to writing.  I'm not going into the office, not doing counseling, teaching, visitation (except for emergencies or crises), etc.  Just 5 eight hour (plus) days of writing.

My goal is to write Chapter Two of the project (Biblical and Theological Foundations).  I hope it's do-able in a week.  I believe it should be as long as I don't lose my focus.

And to keep focused, I'm going to try something I've never done before--a total online fast.  I'm not going to check email, Google Reader, or Facebook. I'm not going to write emails.  I'm not going to visit my favorite sites.  I'm going to try to go offline for an entire week, starting Monday.

There may be some things I have to get online--information for the project.  And I'm not sure how I'll keep from doing email since my to-do list for the project is embedded in my email.

But I'm going to try.

The goal is to spend any time that I might have done that on: prayer, family, or the project for one whole week.

I'm trying to get myself ready for that.  I think it could be really hard good.

Pray for me.