Saturday, August 20, 2011


In his book, One Thing: Developing a Passion for the Beauty of God, Sam Storms writes:
Think of the implications of what is being said!  When we get to heaven there will be nothing that is abrasive, irritating, agitating, or hurtful.  Nothing harmful, hateful, upsetting or unkind.  Nothing sad, bad, or mad. Nothing harsh, impatient, ungrateful or unworthy.  Nothing weak, or sick, or broken or foolish.  Nothing deformed, degenerate, depraved or disgusting.  Nothing polluted, pathetic, poor or putrid.  Nothing dark, dismal, dismaying or degrading.  Nothing blameworthy, blemished, blasphemous or blighted.  Nothing faulty, faithless, frail or fading.  Nothing grotesque or grievous, hideous or insidious.  Nothing illicit or illegal, lascivious or lustful.  Nothing marred or mutilated, misaligned or misinformed.  Nothing nasty or naughty, offensive or odious.  Nothing rancid or rude, soiled or spoiled.  Nothing tawdry or tainted, tasteless or tempting.  Nothing vile or vicious, wasteful or wanton.
 (Storms, pg. 178)