Friday, May 18, 2012

Tackling the Book of Judges

Starting Sunday, I'll be leading our flock through the Old Testament book of Judges in a series I'm calling "Downward Spiral."

This is a daunting task. This book can be complicated, depressing, and obscure.

I have several good commentaries on my desk that I've been working through to get a sense of both the forest and the trees, and I've been praying for insight and understanding.

  1.  What does this story proclaim about God and his relationship with his people?
  2.  How does this theological message connect with the Bible’s larger story or meta-narrative?
  3.  What admonition or exhortation does this story offer?
I'm looking forward to the experience, but I am also trepidatious.
For some time, I have sensed that I needed a greater challenge in my preaching. I need to tackle something that takes more time in study and preparation.

I think I've found it. Pray for me as we tackle Judges together.



Have you seen Tim Hawkins version of "Hey There Delilah"? It's a parody of the song by the Plain White T's about Samson and Delilah. Funny stuff. Since you're doing the judges thing and all...