Saturday, June 16, 2012

I love my job.

Goofy pastor-teacher at Family Bible Week
I love my job.

I just completed my 14th year as pastor of Lanse Free Church this weekend (first Sunday preaching was June 14, 1998), and it’s really come home to me this week how much I enjoy what I do.

This week has been our Family Bible Week--our VBS for the whole family--and I got to do all kinds of different things:

- blow the whistle to call in the kids for supper
- tie a little tyke’s shoes for them
- set the trash cans in the corner for the nightly meals
- pray with the kitchen crew
- lead the singing of raucous kid-friendly worship songs
- goof around with some teenagers
- teach an introduction to Bible genres-study class for adults, this week: how to understand and apply Old Testament narratives
- counsel someone on the playground after class
- prepare a sermon on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
- hear about God’s work in our kids’ classes and in the FBW offering (we’re sending 4 students to school in Haiti this year!)

And much more.

In fact, in the last month, I’ve also gotten to:

- visit someone in prison and at court
- sit at the bedside of someone in the hospital and the nursing home
- prepare a sermon about Ehud, the left-handed judge
- teach a class on the Holy Spirit
- pray with a committed group of prayer warriors at Prayer Meeting
- counsel folks on the phone, Facebook, in my office
- connect with community people at baseball games
- speak at the High School Baccalaureate service
- chair an ordination council examination
- make decisions with our faithful elder board
- have our link group over to our house for a picnic

I love having a finger in every pie.

I think that some of our folks were worried that when I got my doctorate, I would be “outta here.”

Oh no. I’ve got my dream job already. It would take dynamite to move me.

I love being the pastor at Lanse Free Church.


Your love for your job is obvious as you show your love for Christ! Thank you