Friday, March 14, 2014

"Crazy Busy" by Kevin DeYoung

My review of Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung is posted at the Next Step Resources book blog.

It starts like this:
I was almost too busy to read or review this book. But I needed to.
My last year has been “crazy busy.” Life has been more than full of ministry, family, and publishing. I have a hard time saying “No” to a good opportunity, and I’ve “written some checks that my body can’t cash.” It’s been hard to know what to back off of and what to barrel into.
Kevin DeYoung has the same problem (probably more so). He writes about the problem of busyness as a fellow-struggler, not from the perspective of one who has life perfectly managed. In Crazy Busy, DeYoung shares what he’s been learning–and it’s really helpful. In ten quick chapters, DeYoung writes meaningful reflections on the dangers of busyness, the importance of setting limits and priorities, and establishing a rhythm of rest and daily worship.
Read the whole review.


Thanks to Next Step Resources for the free book and for publishing my review.