Thursday, July 03, 2014

Help! How Do I Think About Homosexuality?

On Saturday, a group of youth from our church is headed to Kansas City for the 2014 EFCA Challenge Conference, and I get to ride along!

This is my first time going--and I'm excited to be a part of it, especially as the dad of one of the students attending the conference.

I'm also going to lead 4 "equipping labs" which are interactive breakout sessions. Two of them will be called "Stop the Gossip!" which will draw from a book I may have mentioned a few times on this blog.

The other two labs are called "Help! How Do I Think About Homosexuality?" and will be drawn from the research, thinking, and teaching that I've been developing in the ongoing series Hope for Holy Sexuality.

This is one of the biggest controversies in public life right now--including in evangelical Christianity--and part of me would like to duck out of the responsibility (what was I thinking when I agreed to do this?!). I hate controversy. But I also believe that young people today need good teaching on this subject that is biblical, loving, gracious, firm, careful, confident, counter-cultural, and holy. I'm sure that I'll fall short of those goals in many ways, but I'm going to do my best to aim for that bullseye. It's important, and I care, so here we go. I'd appreciate your prayers.

[Update: Report here.]