Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Gossip Mask of Shame

My kids found this in one of the books they're reading for school.

The caption says, "A German 'mask of shame' worn by women found guilty of gossiping."


A few questions and thoughts about this mask:

1. Where is the corresponding mask for men found gossiping?

2. What kind of gossip qualified a lady for this costume? Slanderous? Idle? Malicious? Careless?

3. I'm sure this was effective at curtailing the outward behavior, for a time, for certain folks. But it probably pushed the gossip into even more sneaky modes because it doesn't really get at the core problem.

4. The worst part of this approach, I think, is that it's not redemptive. There is no place to go with the shame. Thankfully, followers of Christ have a safe place to run.